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What are Business Systems and Do You Really Need Them For Your Creative Business?

When I talk about the Enriched + Encouraged Intensive + Retreat, I get asked what exactly business systems are and why we need them in our businesses?

If I ask Google to clarify and shout “Ok, Google, what are systems?” into Google Search, Google Home brings up this definition: “a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular.”

Alright – that almost makes things more confusing, so let’s simplify and clarify that definition.

From the initial client inquiry to your follow-up and check-in procedures – all of the steps in between meeting a client and finalizing a project make up your business systems.

So, why are systems important you ask? Well, when you don’t have proper systems in place for your business, you’re working at risk. You’re not capitalizing on your time and your resources, meaning you’re likely throwing money down the drain.

Having systems in place for your business allows you the opportunity to focus on what matters most. When every single step in your processes and all client touchpoints are mapped out, you can easily duplicate your work, create greater efficiencies, and increase your productivity.

Let me ask you a few questions: if you were to be hospitalized…if you had a family emergency…or if a rare opportunity to work with your dream client came up, could your business sustain that event?

Maybe you can answer “yes” to that. Now, how about growing your business and team – do you want to scale your business or add a team member? Could you easily hand over tasks and onboard that team member completely confident that they could replicate your processes and not drop any balls?

If you’re unsure that you could confidently and successfully get through any one of the above situations, we need to get your systems in place!

Join me and a group of on fire, go-getter creatives just like you who are excited about setting up their business systems and soooo much more this summer!

We’ll see you in July – click here to get the details for the Enriched + Encouraged Intensive + Retreat.



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