What is Passive Income REALLY and How Do You Add Revenue Streams to Your Business?

One of the topics I’m excited to dive into at the Enriched + Encouraged Intensive + Retreat is passive income!

Over the years, I’ve heard that the average millionaire has over 7 sources of income – 7! – that’s crazy to think about, isn’t it? Knowing this, I have big goals for myself and my family.

Coaching for Creatives was born out of my desire to add additional revenue streams to my business. In addition to being a business coach for creative entrepreneurs, I have also run a wedding and event planning company for over twelve years. In addition, I have a few more projects in the works that I am excited about launching in the coming months.

Paired with coaching and planning, it’s my goal for these various projects to result in passive income opportunities that require minimal work on my end.

Raise your hand if you’re interested in making money while you sleep (jumps up and down with two hands raised)! Passive income is something most of us could benefit from and deeply desire for our businesses because we know the kind of freedom and security it affords us.

Take a look at your business model and growth strategy. Do you wish you had passive income coming in each month? Do you like the idea of diversifying your offerings?

I’d love to discuss your goals and come up with some strategic ways you can add additional revenue streams into your business.

Let’s jump on a call and discuss how we can make that happen!



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