New Year, New Levels

Happy 2019, Playmakers! Can you believe that the first month of 2019 has flown by so quickly? With the excitement of a fresh start in the air, I can’t help but smile as I ponder what’s ahead. The theme for this month is “New Year, New Levels.” With 2018 behind us and a clean slate in front of us, we are allowed to dream about what the next level looks like.

Do me a favor. Close your eyes and think about what December 2019 looks like for you. Have you accomplished your goals? Have you quit that 9-5 job you have been secretly hating for so long? Does your bank account reflect all that you have dreamt of for your business and family? I challenge you this year to LEVEL UP. Surround yourself with people that will elevate your brand. Surround yourself with family members and friends that will support you, motivate you, pray with you and just send you positive vibes when needed!

If you don’t have a team, think about what a team looks like for your business. Start putting plans in place to outsource and create systems and automation that will make everything run with ease in your personal and professional life. Don’t know exactly how to do that? I am just the person you need to speak to. Seriously. I LIVE for systems, outsourcing, and automation.

2018 for me was all about productivity and putting plans and people in place to grow Coaching for Creatives. I am excited at the opportunity in the coming months to speak all about how systems and automation can lead to living a well-rounded life filled with grace, passion, and purpose. (More on that to come).

My mission in 2019 is to drive the idea home to my creative entrepreneur friends and mompreneurs that you CAN live a well-rounded life AND run a profitable and successful business.  Am I talking to you? Are you ready to LEVEL up? Are you ready to BOSS up and lead so that your business can thrive? Then let’s get to work! Schedule a complimentary 30-minute coffee chat with me ASAP so we can get this thang going!

Chat soon, G

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