Personalized Coaching

There are a number of reasons you might feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of running a luxury creative business. You might be:

  • Dropping the ball with your client bookings and customer experience, because you don’t have the systems in place that the luxury market expects
  • Booking less clients than you need to truly thrive, because you’re not as visible as you need to be and potential clients can’t assess your credibility
  • Charging too low for your packages, because you don’t have a clear picture of what your break-even point is or have a hard time believing in your value
  • Feeling trapped, because you don’t have the freedom you desperately want to spend with your family, do the things you truly love, or travel
  • Missing your target on the goals you create each year, quarter, or month and constantly feeling unproductive

You can elevate your business and work-life balance with select custom coaching and implementation accountability with me! This isn’t a typical coaching program where you get homework and have to put your head down and plow through it, even though you have very little time to do so. This is a partnership where I’m involved, hold you accountable, encourage you when necessary, and help you actually implement and achieve your goals.


Manageable Action Plan for Your Goals

You have goals you want to achieve, but you never seem to reach them. Your list of ambitions gets further away with each passing month. Together, we create a step-by-step action plan, so you can stop talking and start doing.

Streamlining Your Processes

Some of your systems run smoothly and some are haphazardly pieced together. You probably even have some you should have in place, but you don’t. Whether you need a hiring system, client onboarding system, marketing system, project management system, or more, I create a streamlined process to increase your productivity and leverage your time.

Time-saving Custom Templates

Stop recreating the wheel, save time, and create consistency with templates you can use throughout the planning and execution process. From timelines to checklists to client homework docs to project management copy and more, let’s create the templates your biz needs.

Stabilized Business Back-End

Can clients or vendors easily reach you? Do you have designated numbers or email addresses for questions, feedback, or “emergencies.” Get your business email, business phone, and other tools set up plus tie up any loose ends that stop your biz from being “legit.”

Roadmap to a Well-Lived, Well-Rounded Life

Has your business or lack of work-life balance sucked you dry and stolen your joy? With this non-traditional business package, we take a look at how you can get into the habit of nurturing what matters most. Let’s get you living each day with grace, gumption, passion, and purpose.

Build and Nurture Solid Vendor Relationships

Discover strategic and creative ways you can proactively build and nurture vendor relationships, so you have a wide network of business owners who want to work with you and refer you.

Increase Your Visibility and Improve Your Credibility

If they can’t find you, they can’t book you. Get a step-by-step plan and strategy to increase your visibility and become top of mind when people think of credible and dependable planners.

Expand With Destination, Social and Corporate Celebrations

Put a growth plan in place, so you can cash in on destination, corporate, and/or social events when your wedding season slows down. Find out how to work with local establishments and successfully step into the corporate and social event space.

Identify Your Niche and Target Market

Whoever said “the riches are in the niches” wasn’t lying. Find out how you can hone in on your target market and ideal client to stand out in your industry and serve the people you truly want to serve.

Set Up Your Business Structure and Lay the Foundation

Is your business built on a half-completed foundation? Is your business license in place? Do you have trademarks, tax documents, and everything else you need to protect and legitimize your business? Let’s get you what you need and finalize your structure.

Fine Tune Your Ultimate Client Experience

Unpack how to wow your clients at every turn and create the ultimate client experience that inspires repeat word of mouth referrals. We’ll strategize how to leave a lasting impression and create a plan you can immediately implement.

"Working with Geomyra over the past year has been a blessing. Through ongoing consulting, she has helped me increase my revenue and step up the professionalism in my business."

V.R., Hairstylist