Business Back-end Management for Creatives on the Rise!

Client Experience Management

It’s easy to let the administrative tasks that create an amazing experience for your clients slip. From sending client welcome packages and congratulatory gifts to payment reminders and general correspondence, we help you wow your clients and make them feel important. With  15+ years as an executive assistant to top Washington, DC executives and as the owner of an events company, I know the importance of a solid customer experience and how to help you accomplish the tasks involved in creating it.

Business Back-end Management

As the leader and/or creative of your business, chances are you don’t have time to deal with all of the admin and back-end tasks involved. Our business back-end management program is a marrying of our petite virtual assistance and business management services. We manage your email, create systems, follow up with clients, organize your virtual files, and keep you on track to running a successful and profitable business.

Streamlined Processes

Some of your systems run smoothly and some are haphazardly pieced together. You probably even have some you should have in place, but you don’t. Whether you need a hiring system, client onboarding system, marketing system, project management system, or more, We’ll create a streamlined process to increase your productivity and leverage your time.

To ensure we provide the BEST service, we take a limited number of coaching and business management clients per season. 

"Hiring Coaching for Creatives to assist with my business back-end and client experience has been instrumental in growing my business. By partnering with Coaching for Creatives, I am able to provide my clients with the level of service that they deserve. "

J.P., Filmmaker